Maghera Beach, Ardaragh

August 2013

Maghera is famous for its caves but it also has an impressive beach.

Before going any further a word of warning. There aren’t any official signs warning of currents , but we were told locally that a good distance out from the shore there are currents and sandholes that make swimming dangerous. So stay close to shore and well within your depth.

Having said that we had a lovely morning swim here on an almost deserted beach. There was a gradual wade in and it was sandy underfoot. The water here was clear and refreshing. The beach itself is quite open with plenty of room for play and you will find some shelter in the dunes and along the rocks at the car park end. If you want to see the caves come at low tide so you can access them properly. ( I’m afraid we missed out).

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Directions: From Donegal town take the N56 to Ardaragh. About 2 kilometres before the town watch carefully for a left turn onto the L2843 for Maghera. Follow this road until you come to a car park. It is a few minutes walk to the beach , which if ok for buggies but not wheelchairs

OSI Map No. 10.

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