Peddlers Lake, Conor Pass

July 2012

Peddlers Lake is a gorgeous corrie lake, located near the equally impressive Conor Pass. The lake is located below a steep cliff and requires about a 10-15 minute climb across rocks to get to it. It’s well worth the effort and when we were there the lake glistened in the sunshine.

Unlike many lakes the water in Peddlers is a bit clearer and is just beautiful to swim in – cool, fresh and invigorating. However, like all lakes you do need to BE CAREFUL. Getting in across the rocks is dodgy as they are very slippy, so it’s better to ease yourself in, on your bum if necessary.

You are gradually out of your depth but we didn’t swim across the lake and found it safer to swim near to the edge. You will end your swim here refreshed and if you have the sun it will be a bonus.

And don’t be put off by the climb, it’s more than worth the effort.


From Dingle you take the road to the Conor Pass. After you go over the Pass watch out for a small car park on the right at the waterfall. The climb will take about 10-15 minutes.

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Ordnance Survey Map No. 70.

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