May 2013

Lanesborough is on the border between Longford and Roscommon and we think we swam on the Longford side. Neither county is renowned for swimming spots so we were glad to add this as a Longford location.

We found a nice place to get in on the east side of the town’s bridge, just before you cross the county boundary. Access to the water was from a concrete path which runs alongside the lake. It was a bit difficult so pick your spot carefully. The water was dark with good depth and lovely for swimming. As always with lakes be careful as you can’t see what is underneath the surface. No jumping or diving.

Alternatively, you could get in at the little harbour nearby which has a slipway. We didn’t try it and the water might be less clean with the various boats coming and going.

Near to the lake there is plenty of green space for picnics and forest walks start just beyond the car park. All in all this is an attractive place for a swim. There are no problems with access.

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From Longford town take the N63 to Lanesborough. As you drive down the main street watch for a left turn for a car park just before you come to the bridge. Drive along this road past the playground and you will come to an open parking area with the harbour and lake nearby.

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